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September 7, 2014

I know I have written before about letting go.  Specifically I want to write about letting go of expectations.  Let’s talk about people caring or not caring.  I know if I make the statement, “People don’t care”, there will be an uproar.  But, they really don’t.  Let me explain.  When I say that people don’t care I think I really mean that I cannot expect people to care.  This is a neutral position.  This is truly letting go of expectations.  People either care or they don’t and there is much gray area in between those two poles.  In fact, I doubt there is anyone alive who doesn’t care about something.  We all care about something.

“People don’t care” really just means that they don’t care about what I need for them to care about.  They don’t fulfill my expectations of them.  This is the letting go.  There is great freedom in letting go of expectations.

“But I have to expect certain things of certain people.”  Do you?  Do you really?


Joyous Completion

August 10, 2014

The journey is round and round.  There is completion.  Oh, but here is the beginning again.

We never know where to begin or where to end.  Are we just going ’round in circles?  Are we spiraling upward or downwards?  Perhaps from side to side?

Do we ever know?  Do we ever care?

What is care?  Care caresses and holds.  Care is gentle.  Care is the subtle beauty of the pollen within the flower.  Just look at the pollen, nothing more.  This is the miracle of nature.  Just the pollen, nothing more.

What do we ever know, really.  Perhaps all, perhaps nothing at all.

This is the end or the beginning.  Do we really know?

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