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August 14, 2014

Just writing the word civility seems old-fashioned.  We seem to be constantly grabbing.  I don’t know for what we are grabbing.  I want to be in front of you.  I want to get there before you.  I want more money than you.  I want to be perpetually ahead of you.

Is all of this perhaps a downward spiraling vortex?

Why don’t we arrive together?  Here, I will share some of my money with you.  If we walk side by side that will just be alright.

Let’s all breathe and relax.


The Great Wash

August 13, 2014

As we sit with the absurdities around us we must let them wash over us.  Anything less creates stress and blockage.  If we are to have soaring spirits we must be quiet and listen.  Eventually we can get to a place where things can wash over.  I know at times it seems like the wave of a tsunami, but it will still wash over if we are quiet and still.  It does take practice.

This does not mean that we do not take action.  When we are called to action, however, we will be effective, clear, and forthright.

Sitting still is where we find true power.

Internal Joy

August 11, 2014

I am thinking this morning about all the strife in the world.  We must find internal joy.  We must also find those very select external things that bring us joy.  We are smothered with information and choices.  How do we choose from such an overwhelming abundance of opportunities?

I think the only way to choose wisely is to choose from an inner place.  We must choose from a balanced place of using heart and head.  If we always choose from the heart our decisions may be to emotional and not really the best thing for us.  If we always choose from the head our decisions may be completely rational and lacking any real spirit or connection to our souls.

How do we find this inner place?  We need to have some type of practice that will allow some space in our day to listen.  We need to listen to whatever voice or longing that speaks to us.  I urgently believe that we can only listen when we are quieted.  It may just be five minutes a day if that is all you think you can spare.  Eventually, I would guess, that the five minutes will turn into twenty or thirty minutes.

I invite you to fall in love with silence.  Silence is the waiting, willing, and patient lover.

Joyous Completion

August 10, 2014

The journey is round and round.  There is completion.  Oh, but here is the beginning again.

We never know where to begin or where to end.  Are we just going ’round in circles?  Are we spiraling upward or downwards?  Perhaps from side to side?

Do we ever know?  Do we ever care?

What is care?  Care caresses and holds.  Care is gentle.  Care is the subtle beauty of the pollen within the flower.  Just look at the pollen, nothing more.  This is the miracle of nature.  Just the pollen, nothing more.

What do we ever know, really.  Perhaps all, perhaps nothing at all.

This is the end or the beginning.  Do we really know?

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Through Holy Eyes

August 4, 2014

Do you see it ugly?

Do you see it perverse?

Do you see it beautiful?

Do you see it strange?

What do you see when you look?

Are you looking?  Are your eyes open?  Are your eyes shut?


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