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140 Characters or Less

November 20, 2016

Is it the safety pin challenge?  I am referring to the practice of wearing a safety pin to show support to people of minority groups.  Groups that might be living in more fear because of the recent US election.  There was a Twitter response from a person of color that contained what can only be described as a grade school level epithet.   I’ll admit that I had never heard it and did not quite understand it.  This person was upset that white people were just now coming to the idea of having solidarity with persons of color.

Okay, now this I think is interesting.  I understand a lifetime of fighting.  I can be considered a marginalized person as well.  But the important piece of maturity here is to realize when people are honestly trying to help.  Not everyone who doesn’t look like you or think like you are your mortal enemies.  I really have to believe that people have good intentions and that they are trying to help.  I would like to offer an alternative response:

“I appreciate your intentions of trying for an outward expression of your inner desire to show me that you are a safe person.  I really appreciate that.  I suppose that I have disappointment that people who are different from me are showing support just in response to these particular times and the event of the recent election.  Where have you been?  Please be patient with me as, I too, process everything that is going on.  It may take me some time to welcome you with open arms, but I would like to, at the very least, try to commit to the process of openness and inclusion.”

Oops!  I think I may have exceeded 140 characters!