Weeding the Labyrinth

As I walked the labyrinth today I noticed that some weeds had grown in the path.  With the recent rains I knew that the weeds would soon multiply and grow and would eventually block the path.  I decided that I would weed as I walked.  I started out very industriously, picking every weed and clump of grass by its roots.  The ground was still soft and it was not a hard task at all.  Each little plant left a dirt patch on the gravel path.  I stepped on the dirt patch, knowing that a future rain would allow the gravel to emerge through the dirt.

I was thinking that this was going to be a big job when I got about halfway to the center of this eleven circuit labyrinth.  Then I had an inspiration.  I was going to be returning by the same route and I didn’t have to pull every single weed on my journey to the center.  What a relief.  I just pulled selected weeds on the way to the center and then pulled the rest as I returned to the beginning of my journey.  After my walk, the labyrinth was clear of weeds and looked very cared for and also refreshed from the rains.

I understood the spiral nature of the labyrinth for the first time today.  If we believe that our spiritual journey is a spiral, then we do not have to get all the “weeds” out the first time around.  We will come back to that place again and we can reach down as far as we need to and pull the remaining weeds.  Some of those weeds could be around for quite some time, but we will eventually return to the place on the spiral where we can reach down through the layers and pull them from our path.

copyright 2009


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