The Pattern

I did not make it out to the labyrinth yesterday before nightfall.  I traced a printed labyrinth pattern with the tip of a pen.  What stood out for me in this exercise was the beautiful pattern of the labyrinth.  I had a bird’s eye view of the pattern as it was on the page.  Tracing  the pattern with a pen was more meaningful than just looking at the picture.  Acutally, “walking” the labyrinth in this way gave me a different perspective.  There is an obvious pattern to the labyrinth.  It is more difficult to see this pattern when walking the labyrinth at “eye level”, but the pattern is there, nonetheless.  Perhaps the awareness of the pattern can be taken into a walk and another level of meaning can be discovered.  Maybe a finger labyrinth would be a good tool to use from time to time.  The pattern itself seems important.

Thought of the day:   What would happen if I saw everything as perfect?


copyright 2009


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