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What to do

September 5, 2014

And what not to do

How do we know?  From where comes the guidance?

Is there a still place in your soul?  Do you know?  Where is the stillness?  Think of a pool of water in an old growth forest.  It is completely undisturbed until the rain falls.  Drip, drip, drip.  The slow falling of the rain.  The water being disturbed.  Not a downpour really, but just drip, dripping.  Perhaps the drips are the inspiration.  The inspiration falling gently into the previously undisturbed pool.

Can you be still and notice?  Notice the dripping, notice the subtlety.

Be still and know……



August 14, 2014

Just writing the word civility seems old-fashioned.  We seem to be constantly grabbing.  I don’t know for what we are grabbing.  I want to be in front of you.  I want to get there before you.  I want more money than you.  I want to be perpetually ahead of you.

Is all of this perhaps a downward spiraling vortex?

Why don’t we arrive together?  Here, I will share some of my money with you.  If we walk side by side that will just be alright.

Let’s all breathe and relax.

Through Holy Eyes

August 4, 2014

Do you see it ugly?

Do you see it perverse?

Do you see it beautiful?

Do you see it strange?

What do you see when you look?

Are you looking?  Are your eyes open?  Are your eyes shut?


copyright 2014


August 2, 2014

It is sad

It is angry

It is empty

It is nothing

It is everything

It is here

It is not.

copyright 2014