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The great somber silence

January 4, 2016

This silence is not just the absence of noise.  It is the very silence from which the world was formed.  The miracle is that we have access to this same silence within our own beings, within our own soul.

It takes practice to quiet the mind.  On the other side of a quiet mind is the great somber silence.


Mistakes have been made

August 17, 2015

What do we do when a mistake has been made?  Do we talk about our intentions?  Do we apologize?  Do we say “I’m sorry”?

It is important how we talk about our mistakes.  It is important that we frame our conversation in a way that the wronged person has every chance to be heard.  One of the things that is most difficult to say is “I made a mistake”.  It is hard to be accountable.  The quest for accountability, however, is freeing for both parties.

Letter to Jesus

January 25, 2015

Dear Lord Jesus,

Help us to understand
Help us to honor our personal experiences with you
Help us to honor all personal experience
Help us to understand the place of dogma.

Guide us to deeper understanding of difference
Guide us to deeper understanding of sameness
Guide us to deeper understanding of ministry
Guide us to deeper understanding of justice and fairness.

Be with us now as we suffer
Be with us now as we rejoice
Be with us now as we pray
Be with us now as we “be”.

Through Holy Eyes

August 4, 2014

Do you see it ugly?

Do you see it perverse?

Do you see it beautiful?

Do you see it strange?

What do you see when you look?

Are you looking?  Are your eyes open?  Are your eyes shut?


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