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The great somber silence

January 4, 2016

This silence is not just the absence of noise.  It is the very silence from which the world was formed.  The miracle is that we have access to this same silence within our own beings, within our own soul.

It takes practice to quiet the mind.  On the other side of a quiet mind is the great somber silence.


Plunged into Prayer

July 28, 2015

Several years ago I frequented a Japanese inspired spa.  There was a large communal hot tub and a cold plunge.  I remember well taking the plunge.  The cold water would quite literally leave you breathless.  The spa was in the mountains, so the air would be cold when you would come out of the plunge.  The exit usually meant either grabbing for a robe or getting right back into the hot water.

What motivates us to take the plunge?  Is there something beguiling about the icy water?  Do we think that it might not be as cold as we know it to be?  Are we seduced?

There are times as I go about my day when the call to prayer and silence is so profound it seems like a seduction.  I know that I will give in to the call even when sometimes I would rather not.  During those times of strong calling I feel as if I am taking the cold plunge.  Is it entirely of my free will?  The immersion is so complete that I have to wonder who is doing the calling.

Are We Drowning in Noise?

November 26, 2014

I was at my favorite food coop last night.  I had a lively discussion with the manager about the volume of the music.  I told him that at times it was so loud that I couldn’t concentrate on my grocery list and just wanted to leave.  He was a good listener and said that he would turn the volume down and bring it to someone’s attention.  They were very busy and I did not give it too much more thought and went about my business.  I was standing in the vitamin aisle and all of a sudden my entire body relaxed and just melted into the floor.  They had turned down the music.  Then something magical happened.  I could hear this cacophony of human voices and the sounds of a bustling market.  It really was magical.

Are the sounds of life drowning in noise?

Internal Joy

August 11, 2014

I am thinking this morning about all the strife in the world.  We must find internal joy.  We must also find those very select external things that bring us joy.  We are smothered with information and choices.  How do we choose from such an overwhelming abundance of opportunities?

I think the only way to choose wisely is to choose from an inner place.  We must choose from a balanced place of using heart and head.  If we always choose from the heart our decisions may be to emotional and not really the best thing for us.  If we always choose from the head our decisions may be completely rational and lacking any real spirit or connection to our souls.

How do we find this inner place?  We need to have some type of practice that will allow some space in our day to listen.  We need to listen to whatever voice or longing that speaks to us.  I urgently believe that we can only listen when we are quieted.  It may just be five minutes a day if that is all you think you can spare.  Eventually, I would guess, that the five minutes will turn into twenty or thirty minutes.

I invite you to fall in love with silence.  Silence is the waiting, willing, and patient lover.