The In Between Time

October 22, 2015

There is a soft comfort that comes with the in between time.  It is a time of change and transition.  We are moving from one place to another.  Do we give over to anxiety and fear or do we just rest and wait?  We probably do a little of both!

Regardless of your picture of a higher power, there is something out there that will let you know that you are not alone.  There is a spiritual force which will keep you safe from harm.  Let that force support you and keep you warm.

Rest, rest, rest.


Mistakes have been made

August 17, 2015

What do we do when a mistake has been made?  Do we talk about our intentions?  Do we apologize?  Do we say “I’m sorry”?

It is important how we talk about our mistakes.  It is important that we frame our conversation in a way that the wronged person has every chance to be heard.  One of the things that is most difficult to say is “I made a mistake”.  It is hard to be accountable.  The quest for accountability, however, is freeing for both parties.


August 10, 2015

I just attended the Gather at the River convocation.  It was held in San Antonio, Texas at Travis Park United Methodist Church.  It was sponsored by the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) and the Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA).

There were over 700 people in attendance from all over the globe.  I have never been in a more welcoming environment.  The boundaries of gay, straight, transgender, gender identification, marital status, physical ability all just seemed to disappear in the safety of that environment.  The creation of safety was very intentional on the part of the organizers.

My reflection on this first “day after” is that we need to see with our hearts.  If we see with hearts filled with love, then those boundaries will continue to disappear.  Do you think it could really be that simple?

Plunged into Prayer

July 28, 2015

Several years ago I frequented a Japanese inspired spa.  There was a large communal hot tub and a cold plunge.  I remember well taking the plunge.  The cold water would quite literally leave you breathless.  The spa was in the mountains, so the air would be cold when you would come out of the plunge.  The exit usually meant either grabbing for a robe or getting right back into the hot water.

What motivates us to take the plunge?  Is there something beguiling about the icy water?  Do we think that it might not be as cold as we know it to be?  Are we seduced?

There are times as I go about my day when the call to prayer and silence is so profound it seems like a seduction.  I know that I will give in to the call even when sometimes I would rather not.  During those times of strong calling I feel as if I am taking the cold plunge.  Is it entirely of my free will?  The immersion is so complete that I have to wonder who is doing the calling.

Faith in Community

July 27, 2015

Heather Lee at University United Methodist Church in Austin spoke yesterday about Faith.  It was part of a sermon series on John Wesley.  One of the points I heard her making was that in time of crises even if you feel your faith is wavering that you can turn things over to others.  That is the point of community.

As members of a community we need to be ready to step up to that responsibility.  We need to be able to receive that dependence of others in a caring and healthy way.  And then, when it comes around to our turn we will see how it all works.  Right?